Filliboard Wide Set

  • Loadable up to 20 kg
    easy to assemble
    Easy to attach to the handle by means of a supplied transport strap
    Size incl. seat: 45 x 46 x 70cm
    the additional seat from fillikid is suitable as an accessory
    Seat 3-fold height adjustable
    Weight Buggy Board without seat: 2,5 kg
    Weight seat: 1,00 kg - Reflectors on the board for good visibility

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For a breather

For a breather As soon as the offspring finally arrives, the older siblings look forward to it immensely. It is only too understandable that they want to be there on every walk and proudly present their little sibling to everyone. But if the older child gets a little tired during the outing and feels the need to rest, the Filliboard Wide with the practical additional seat is an optimal solution. Thanks to the universal, 180° rotatable attachment, it fits almost all prams and pushchairs. It can be easily attached to transverse and vertical struts without any auxiliary tools. The board has a maximum load capacity of 20 kg. If the child does not need the buggy board at the moment, it can simply be attached to the handle of the pram with a strap.

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