Music Mobile for cots

  • with 3 cute playing figures
  • simple attachment
  • fits nearly every travel cot
  • Good night music
  • Size (L)x(W)x(H): 40x40x45

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Sometimes little ones just don't want to fall asleep - they are still too excited, have other things on their mind or are simply not tired enough yet. This sweet mobile by Fillikid provides entertainment and at the same time helps your baby to calm down and get tired. Your angel's attention is captured by three cute play figures that spin in circles to the gentle melody of "Good evening, good night". The gentle sounds have a calming and at the same time relaxing effect. Your darling is fascinated by the cute animals and the melody and forgets everything else around him. This helps them to sleep peacefully and deeply relaxed. In addition, the mobile can not only be attached to the travel cot, but also to a side bed, cot or playpen.
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